Reptiloid abused by zookeeper escapes Sidney terrarium.

Sydney, July 29 ­– An unemployed alien reptiloid that resided in Sydney terrarium for 5 years claims to be physically abused by elderly zookeeper. According to the alien, the creature that appeared in the zoo is a clear example of “speciesism”, a discrimination based on the species attribute. While the police tries to keep the case down, the outraged reptiloid threatens to sue the hell out of the city. One of the world’s richiest lawyers John Branca will represent the reptilod in the court, free of any charge. Coincidence, ha? - Washtopus Laundry Kiloan - Bersih, Rapi, Wangi & Ekonomis

Washtopus Laundry merupakan pengadaan jasa dibidang pencucian (laundry) pakaian harian. Kami memproses laundry secara professional, dengan menggunakan mesin-mesin khusus laundry, seperti penggunaan setrika uap (boiler), selain lebih rapi, pakaian juga tidak akan hangus/gosong dan kamipun menggunakan mesin pengering kualitas Eropa.